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Models / Prices


    The fuselage of the Archaeopteryx is available in three different versions (configurations). The configuration can be changed after purchase.
    • basic services


        Basic version for the open cockpit experience. Unbeatable thermaling performance in the low speed range. Ideal for paraglider and hang-glider pilots training.

        CHF 72'900.00
        EUR on request
        (prices before tax, prices subject to change)
    • basic services


        Comfortable sailplane feel thanks to the full cockpit enclosure. Noticeable improvement in performance in the medium and high speed range. Luggage space fore and aft.

        CHF 82'700.00
        EUR on request
    • basic services


        Completely independent free flight thanks to the quickly fitted electric motor system.

        CHF 99'300.00
        EUR on request

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    There is a range of accessories available for the aircraft. You can set up the Archaeopteryx exactly according to your wishes and plans for use.

    For instance by adding:

    • Ballistic lightweight rescue system
    • Transport jig system
    • Nose release coupling for aero-tow
    • Hook and restraint release for bungee launch
    • Winch release adapter (fits near C of G position)
    • Retractable quick release auxiliary wheel for Electro-Drive grass-field take offs
    • Instruments
    • Tuning Parts
    • Upgrade sets
    • Bungee catapult

    All extras can be fitted at any future time.

    The appropriate trailer can be ordered.

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   Sales / Representatives

Sales Contact

Sales Contact

International Representatives

International Representatives

  • Sales Contact
  • International Representatives
  • Sales Contact

    For all your questions about the Archaeopteryx.

    The Swiss company Ruppert Composite GmbH is the developer and manufacturer of the Archaeopteryx. The company sells the aircraft and equipment directly to the customer.

    We – the Archaeopteryx team and our international representatives – are glad to advise you comprehensively on the aircraft and answer your individual questions. And of course we will immerse you in the Archaeopteryx philosophy!

    Fix a visit with us, meet the team and take a test flight.

    We will gladly make you a personal offer with configuration and delivery date. Sale is effected with the completion of the work performance contract which is in accordance with your order. Normal delivery time is 6 to 12 months.

    Contact us! Send us a mail! Give us a bell!

  • International Representatives

    They know exactly what they are crazy about...

    Contact the representative in your area. He owns an Archaeopteryx and knows exactly what he is talking about. Visit him for a viewing or a test flight, ask him your individual technical questions or queries about delivery and import.

    USA East Coast

    Microlift Soaring Technologies, LLC
    Tim Snow and Holliday Obrecht
    Charleston, SC 29406



    French speaking Switzerland / France

    The Flying Marmot
    Philippe Bernard
    1936 Verbier

    Français, Deutsch, English


    Firma Airborne
    Franz Pacheiner
    9520 Sattendorf

    Deutsch, English

    South America

    Andy Hediger
    5178 La Cumbre, Cordoba

    Español, Deutsch, Français, English



    Peter and Marlies Eicher
    Boort 3537, VIC
    Australia, Victoria

    English, Deutsch



    Ruppert Composite GmbH
    Cornelia and Roger Ruppert
    8636 Wald

    Deutsch, English, Français


    Would you like to be an Archaeopteryx rep? Send us a mail!
  • Sales Contact
  • International Representatives

   Test Flight, Hire / Service

Archaeopteryx Test Flight / Hire

Archaeopteryx Test Flight / Hire



  • Archaeopteryx Test Flight / Hire
  • Service
  • Archaeopteryx Test Flight / Hire

    One flight says more than 1000 words.

    Our Archeopteryx is ready for your test flight! The Archeopteryx hire is also possible, for customs reasons, however, only within Switzerland.

    Flight experience and requirements:

    • Flight experience on 3 axis controlled aircraft (I.e. 3 axis hang-glider, sailplane, UL motor driven aircraft).
    • Archaeopteryx Pilots' Handbook studied in advance (available in German, English, French).
    • Instruction by flight instructor.
    • Flying under flight instructor supervision or with valid license.


    • Inclusive Swiss Value Added Tax, comprehensive insurance (with excess), trailer.
    • At location: 8636 Wald, Switzerland.

    Test-Flying, daily charge with Electro-Drive and Flight Instructor: 380 CHF
    Hire, daily charge with Electro-Drive: 240 CHF
    Hire, daily charge without Electro-Drive: 200 CHF

    If you order an Archeopteryx, you will be refunded 50% of the test-flying charge.

    20 CHF hire discount per day from 7 continuous days on or 10 single days on.

    Request availability

    An Archaeopteryx hire service also exists in Western Switzerland (Verbier) at the flying school This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Service

    Stay ready for takeoff.

    You and your Archaeopteryx are in good shape with us after the sale too. The aircraft needs very little maintenance – keep it clean and check the tyre pressure regularly – there's not much more to do. The comprehensive Pilots' Handbook leads you through all the details. We personally answer any and all queries. That includes practical instruction in ground and flight handling and the latest launch methods as well as exchanging flight experiences.

    Of course we will also help with the maintenance of your Archaeopteryx. We do periodic checks, make repairs, help with remote diagnosis, send spare parts, find solutions for your special requests, organise the rescue system servicing or incorporate upgrades.

    Upgrades can be incorporated right back to the first serial number.

    We are pleased to help with queries about export / import, dispatch and certification.
  • Archaeopteryx Test Flight / Hire
  • Service

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