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The required license to fly the Archaeopteryx varies by country. In some countries an appropriate hang glider license is required, in others no license required at all. In Germany a UL-gliding license needs to be acquired.

Schweiz 3-axis-controlled (stick controlled) rigid-wing hang gliders required. Download die Prüfungsweisungen des Schweizerischen Hängegleiter Verbands SHV. A valid paragliding, weight-shift hang gliding or sailplane license eliminates the theory test. Flight exam in accordance with the official instructions.
Deutschland UL-gliding license required. Download the Training procedure of the German Ultralight Soaring Association DULSV .
France No license required. When flying at FFVL sites (foot launch, winch launch, aero towing) then need to comply with FFVL rules. FFVL may consider Archaeopteryx as a Swift.
UK No license required. When flying at BHPA club sites (hill launch, koch type winch launch, microlight aerotow launch) then need to comply with BHPA rules. BHPA would stipulate piloting skills requirements.
USA For the United States of America: No license required. Glider falls into category of FAA part 103, gliders less than 155 lbs. or 70 kg. 
Slovenia Hang glider license required, 3-axis sailplane introduction recomended.
Bulgaria No license required

This list is for information purposes and makes no claim to completeness and timeliness. If you are missing information or some is no longer valid, then we welcome your suggestions or additions. Legally binding are only instructions by the relevant authorities and organizations.