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407 km flight in the Swiss Alps

altFrom a mountainside above the resort of Flims a fantastic flight started with the Archaeopteryx. All along the Swiss Alps down to the Rhone Valley knee and back over the alpine city of Chur on the return.

Launch was from Alp Nagens. After a weak beginning, the thermals seemed a little late, Roger slowly made his way up to the Oberalppass where the paragliders competed in the Swiss championship. He flew around several huge paragliding gaggles. This slowed down a bit, but was a special show!

Later, in Upper Valais perfect thermal conditions. And, of course, there was a lot of air traffic on the route between Furka and Middle Valais by sailplanes, paragliders and hang-gliders. That is clear, on such a great day no one is alone! Flying on 4000 meters, above the glaciers and gigantic rocks in the Valais simply is phenomenal.

The Alps are fabulous!

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