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416 km FAI triangle in 8 hours

It goes on and on! On February 20, woman pilot Marlies Eicher passed the magical 400 km FAI triangle line. Late in the Australian cross country season, just one month before the autumnal equinox, the available thermal time is noticeably shorter. Marlies had to fly fast. At 11:36 she started her 416 km trip and landed back home 8 hours later at sunset at 19:44. Although very lightweight, she flew 51 kilometers per hour. Top!

Very close to the 400 km FAI triangle: Peter Eicher

altHe'd really used the good flying conditions in Australia. During the second half of December Peter Eicher completed some huge FAI triangles: Twice he approached the 400 km and in between he did a 365 km. The official triangle world record in hang gliders Class 2 is set at 302 km...
Team Archaeopteryx congratulates and wishes on-going great flying experiences!
His 395 km FAI triangle in the OLC 
His 390 km FAI triangle in the OLC 

A woman goes far: Marlies Eicher 552 km

altThe flying season in Australia is still young, has just begun. But wow! On November 2nd Marlies Eicher flies her Archaeopteryx in just under 9 hours towards a straight line course for 552 km. Not high, mostly she’s only between 1000 and 1500m of altitude. Away from her farm across the outback of Victoria and New South Wales. And the day after her husband Peter controls the glider half the way back. Congratulations!
Marlies' flight in the OLC