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A woman goes far: Marlies Eicher 552 km

altThe flying season in Australia is still young, has just begun. But wow! On November 2nd Marlies Eicher flies her Archaeopteryx in just under 9 hours towards a straight line course for 552 km. Not high, mostly she’s only between 1000 and 1500m of altitude. Away from her farm across the outback of Victoria and New South Wales. And the day after her husband Peter controls the glider half the way back. Congratulations!
Marlies' flight in the OLC

Autumn discount in November December 2014

The best time to build is now. That's why we reward with purchase of an Archaeopteryx in November and December a discount of 3,000 Swiss francs.
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Delivery time is six months.

First electric flight season - Images

altConclusion after the first electric flying season with the Archaeopteryx: Absolute fun!
The combination of the new easy to use electric drive with the exceptional thermalling and maneuverability of the Archaeopteryx opened incredible opportunities ...