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First electric flight season - Images

altConclusion after the first electric flying season with the Archaeopteryx: Absolute fun!
The combination of the new easy to use electric drive with the exceptional thermalling and maneuverability of the Archaeopteryx opened incredible opportunities ...

Felix Rühle tests the Archaeopteryx

altFelix Rühle is the founder and head of the Company A-I-R, which develops and produces the well-known high-tech rigid wing hang-glider ATOS. Now he tried on the airfield of Füssen (D) the Archaeopteryx, first with its new electric drive and later he went for a first foot-launch exercise in the flat.

Andy Hediger is Vice-World Champion!

altAndy Hediger has become Vice World Champion with his Archaeopteryx at the World Championships for rigid-wing hang gliders in the French flying site of Annecy. He wins a task and twice comes second. Ernst Ruppert also wins a task, yet another great success for the Archaeopteryx team.
Winner picture: Hediger, Ruhmer, Cox