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Haul travelers Franz Pacheiner: First flights

altHis daily view wanders far from the mountain on the southern Alps of Austria, Slovenia and Italy. And so it flies well then, namely right from the beginning. The end of April, he took off his brand new Archaeopteryx at the factory and put at once going on with the cross-country flying. Today, he is already on rank 2 of the OLC Appreciation for hang gliders.

Archaeopteryx with registration in Austria

altArchaeopteryx is now officially registered in Austria. Without drive, it is regarded as hang gliders and the electric drive as a motorized hang glider.

416 km FAI triangle in 8 hours

It goes on and on! On February 20, woman pilot Marlies Eicher passed the magical 400 km FAI triangle line. Late in the Australian cross country season, just one month before the autumnal equinox, the available thermal time is noticeably shorter. Marlies had to fly fast. At 11:36 she started her 416 km trip and landed back home 8 hours later at sunset at 19:44. Although very lightweight, she flew 51 kilometers per hour. Top!