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Going further: record FAI triangle

altIt was short before Christmas when Peter Eicher draws with his Archaeopteryx a new giant triangle onto the Australian map: 435 km. That he slightly came off the intended course at the northern turn point and also that he actually appeared at home for dinner a bit early after 9 hours in the air gives an idea of where it is still to go ...
Great flight Peter, congratulations!
View the 435 km triangle in the OLC  

604 km female long distance goal flight

altIn Australia Marlies Eicher has for the first time with an Archaeopteryx crossed the 600 km open distance mark. On 21 November 2015 she made her way on this epic goal flight from Boort (Victoria) to Nyngan (New South Wales) in a flight time of 9:45 hours. This corresponds to the distance from Zurich to Vienna for example. The furthest distance ever flown by a woman in a hang-glider class. On a day which provided only very low altitudes. Congratulations to Marlies on this impressive flight!
Her 604 km flight in the OLC